Noblish CEO (Business English Corporation in Korea)
Educenter CEO (함께하는교육연구소)
Director of IFER(International Forum for the Educational Revolution)

– Chung-Ang Graduate School, M.A, English Education
(E-learning/ Extensive Reading/ Self-directed Learning)
– Certificated in Teaching English/ Philosophy/ Korean in Secondary Schools in Korea

Education Activities
– Education Program Director
– Content Developer
– Business English Consultant
– Columnist / Author
– English Consultant
– English Teacher
– Job/ School Entry Consultant
– Self-Directed Learning Specialist
– Dream Coach
– Philosophy/ Writing Teacher
-Worked/Participated in many Educational Projects with EBS(Educational Broadcasting System in Korea), NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea), Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Education in Korea, Daekyo, Yoons, ETC



Casey Lartigue Jr.


– Harvard Graduate School of Education, M.A., Administration, Planning and Social Policy
– Harvard University Extension School, B.A., Social Sciences

Active affiliations

– Harvard Graduate School of Education, Goodwill Ambassador
– The Korea Times, Columnist
– Atlas Network, Asia Outreach Fellow
– Co-founder, Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center

Awards and special features

– 특별상(사회공익) 부문, 한사랑농촌문화재단
Special Award, Social Contribution, Korea Agricultural Foundation, April 2017
– tvn 리틀빅히어로, TvN “Little Big Heroes” 2017-09-12.